What Loft Drivers Should Seniors Use?

Jacob Reno
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In general, senior golfers should play with slower-speed driver, and preferably one with more loft.

What is loft?

Golf loft is the angle between the clubface and how the axis of the shaft sits with respect to the ground. The greater the angle, the higher the ball will jump when the head is stationary. High-lofted clubs produce more of a "lofted" shot that seems to jump. High-lofted drivers are favored by many golfers, but they are particularly well suited for seniors who may have to contend with slower swing speeds.

The best driver loft for seniors is somewhere between 8.5 and 11 degrees. Many older golfers have significant swing speed issues, and driver lofts are available from 2-27 degrees. Some seniors and seniors will enjoy using a higher lofts but most will struggle with the added distance and speed. It is very important to get fitted for your senior driver. Most golf shops have a manual driver loft grinding machine and can give you exact measurements.

Why older golfers need more loft:

Seniors need more loft because it allows them to create more angle on the downswing. That means the ball can more easily make it around larger obstacles, like trees, on the fairway. It also increases distance so golfers can actually be very accurate of their intended target.

Older golfers should use: