10 Ideas to Put on a Retirement Cake

Jacob Reno
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As people approach retirement, they often begin to prepare for what to do with their free time. One of the most popular options is to pursue one of many hobbies or interests that they may not have had the time or opportunity to pursue while they were in the work force.

Retirement cakes are a great way to celebrate the new beginning in life that you and your loved one are embarking on. One of the most creative ways to commemorate such an event is to come up with a retirement cake that will catch the eye and really impress. There are many retirement cake ideas that you can incorporate into your cake decorating skills and they can all be done by hand with just a few tools that you can easily find around the house.

Below are ideas for some of the most popular and creative retirement cakes that you can make with a little preparation and not a lot of time..

These retirement cakes feature brightly colored numbers that represent the years of your accomplishment!

Oh what an accomplishment it is when you hit the stage for retirement! This unique cake makes a great focal point and leaves everyone in awe.

Here’s a great idea for the cake to represent your retirement lifestyle, a free place where you will be able to relax and explore one of your passions!

Retirement is all about going with the flow. What a great way to show this with the cycle of life represented on your cake.