How long can a senior dog go without eating

Jacob Reno
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Usually when you think of a senior dog, you think of an old dog. You may think she won’t live much longer. That means some time will go by before you even have to consider that thought of what is the normal amount of time a dog can go without food.

You may discover that your senior dog is an old dog that still has some gas in his tank. What I love about dogs is that they have a tendency to not follow the rules. I’m not sure about you, but most dogs I personally know, including my own, are still very active well into their old age.

I met a dog, who lived to be 15, named Doc, who would go on hikes with his owners. He did a ton of hiking. I’m not sure he went without food. He was active, so he may have had a continuous energy supply. If you’re wondering, “how long can a senior dog go without eating?” he went to the Rainbow Bridge at 15 without any issues. It was I love to tell the story of Doc as an inspiration to continue to keep up with your senior dog.