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There are no two ways about it, when you are older, you tend to procrastinate less.

However, the difference is that you have a much shorter attention span, a significantly compromised sense of time, and a shorter attention span.

Now, I don’t need to tell you that if you are a senior citizen then you really need to get up on time every day.

And, because of your age-related challenges in thinking, you really need the best alarm clock for seniors to ensure you wake up on time.

In the video below, I’ll walk you through the best alarm clocks that seniors should use to wake up on time.

American LifetimeBest OverallAmerican Lifetime
SHARP Home LED Digital Alarm ClockBudget PickSHARP Home LED Digital Alarm Clock
Robin, 2020 VersionUpgrade PickRobin, 2020 Version

1. American Lifetime

Our rating: 9 / 10

American Lifetime

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  • Very large numbers make it easy to read
  • Easy to program and use
  • Robust design

The large area at the bottom allows you to record all three of the following:

The clock has a large area for messages at the bottom.

This alarm clock has a small speaker that it uses to sound an alarm. You need to be aware that if it is turned off, you may not hear it. This is not a major disadvantage, as a flashing light will alert you to an alarm.

2. Robin, 2020 Version

Our rating: 8 / 10

Robin, 2020 Version

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  • Easy To read, even from across the room
  • Easy to use

A Little about the company, .The digital day clock can display the date, time, temperature, and a whole lot more. The Day Clock has enough brightness to easily see from across the room. The interface will be familiar to anyone who’s ever used and alarm clock and even comes with a manual. It has also been designed to prevent snoozing by staying on for 15 minutes after the alarm has gone off.

3. K-STAR Large Alarm Clock 9" LED Digital Display Dual Alarm

Our rating: 8 / 10

K-STAR Large Alarm Clock 9" LED Digital Display Dual Alarm

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  • This clock has a dual alarm so that you can plug in both an electric and a battery operated alarm
  • There is a USB charging port to charge your phone or other device while you sleep
  • It has a dimmer so that over night you can remove the glare while still having the room light enough to see
  • The display is large and bright so that you can use this as a regular clock
  • This clock has an FM radio so that you can listen to your favorite stations
  • The alarm automatically resets itself
  • This clock runs on a lithium battery which lasts for over a year
  • You can use this as a desk clock
  • The back of the case is made of wood and it comes in at least two colors, black and cherry


  • It is a large clock and the wood on the back is not finished
  • This clock can run on batteries but not when it is charging your phone
  • It is difficult to set an exact time during daylight saving time or even just before it is to be put into effect.

This is one of the best alarm clocks for seniors because it has a large LED display with numbers that are easy to read.

4. Echo Spot

Our rating: 8 / 10

Echo Spot

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  • Allows you to set timers for a wake up that is more gentle than sudden
  • Can be set to any color you want (e.g. red if you have trouble sleeping)
  • Can connect to music services for Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn etc., as well as Prime Music
  • Has the standard tablet functions including web browsing, watching movies/TV, etc.


  • Can't use Alexa while watching a video in the browser.
  • Doesn't have a radio
  • Voice control is useful but there are some functions that you can't use voice control to access.

This is one of the best smart alarm clocks that you can buy outside of the Amazon Echo family. Its small size and rounded edges make it good for your bedside table.

One of our favourite things about it is the alarm feature, which allows you to wake up to any music service you choose. You can also set it to wake up to soft lighting, which slowly increases as you get closer to your alarm time.

5. SHARP Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

Our rating: 8 / 10

SHARP Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

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  • Easy operation
  • Very big numerals and dial; makes it easy to see, especially at night.
  • Smooth sturdiness
  • Very attractive
  • Bright yet low-power display


  • Only one clock per handset
  • It’s not bright enough if your room isn’t very dark.

This clock has stood out as the best alarm clock for seniors because of its easy-to-read display, bright digits and clock that’s hard to accidentally reset.

The alarm is loud enough, and it has the convenient snooze feature. The alarm does not grab your attention with a piercing beep, instead opting for a nicer, more subdued sound.

An alarm that gradually gets louder prevents you from waking up groggy and having a headache, and a snooze button on the alarm is very handy to catch a few more minutes of sleep. These features are even better than the more expensive models.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best alarm clock?

For older adults, a clock with large numbers and easy to set options is a necessity. This is an alarm clock for seniors. Another feature that my parents look for in a digital clock is a very large snooze button, which you can adjust with your big toe!

A simple, but solid travel alarm clock is another option, especially if you are frequently on the move. Many hotels already have an alarm clock in the room, but if they don't, bringing your own is highly recommended.

What is the best alarm clock for hearing impaired?

Most hearing impaired people use more than one type of alarm clock. If you are hearing impaired, one of the first type of alarm clock that you should look into is a vibrating alarm clock. These types of alarm clocks are simple to use because you simply turn them on and they vibrate, so you can feel them.

Make sure that you label the alarm clock if it doesn't already have a feature built in for labels. This will ensure you know what type of alarm clock it is, and it will also help if you need to get up during the night and need to turn it off without waking your partner.

What type of clock is the easiest to read for an older person with dementia?

I would opt for a digital clock with big numbers to make it easy to read. My mother could not handle seeing the hands go around, she knew what time it was, but had trouble grasping that it was indicating a different time.

With a big, digital clock, I know exactly what time it is because I can see it. For my mother, she was always trying to catch the clock before it changed to make sure she remembered the time.

What is a silent alarm clock?

It is a feature typically offered on most digital and analog alarm clocks. A silent alarm clock, by default, has no audible alarm sound, but it does have an alarm indicator (typically a light). So the alarm is still active and will sound but it is silent.


I spent a lot of time researching the best alarm clocks specifically for seniors and what I found is that the only thing I could really compare it to was “What is the best sump pump alarm clock?” These strange terms bring up images of past generations laboriously waking up to an old-fashioned sump pump alarm clock—you know, the one that you set to go off at a certain time and sounds like water being pumped out of a well.

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American LifetimeBest OverallAmerican Lifetime
SHARP Home LED Digital Alarm ClockBudget PickSHARP Home LED Digital Alarm Clock
Robin, 2020 VersionUpgrade PickRobin, 2020 Version